Artist Profile

Although I paint rocks, I like to think of my rock paintings as a statement and also a challenge to the viewer and the way they see the world. I believe that the human mind is always trying to make sense out of its surroundings, even if it is just seeing a bunny in the fluffy white cloud overhead or the "Old Man of the Mountain" in the New Hampshire mountain side. These are both examples of the human mind seeing a suggestion of something in a totally different object.

I hope that my painted rocks cause the viewer to tap into his or her imagination, perhaps thinking back to the times they have done the same thing and sometimes even saved a rock because it "looks just likeā€¦"

I believe this ability of the human mind goes back to ancient times when the first "art" collected by a cave dweller may have been a rock. Most likely this "found art" rock would have looked like one of the beasts that he hunted or that hunted him. He learned to see that shape to stay alive, so the shape was burned in his memory. When he saw a rock that resembled that shape, he might have picked it up and carried it back to his home to share with the others in his group and possibly even teach the younger hunters what to look for when they were out hunting.

That is what I try I do with my rock paintings; I see something in the shape of the rock and use some paint to bring out that shape a little, thus making it easier for the viewer to see what I saw in the rock.